Re Todays Activation of SM-034 Mt Nattung

I was out today doing Multi activations i changed my direction
on one of my activations being Mt Nattung I didn’t have the summit detail and Sota website was down unfortunately i was not given the correct summit code
at the time it didn’t tweek with me if you could amend your logs to the above Summit code for that activation you will be 4 points better off to
Cheers Rod VK2TWR 73
in the interest of getting it right

In reply to VK2TWR:

Hi Rod
Which chasers from which summit do you think the details are incorrect?

Might help if you list the chasers on the Yahoo_SOTA_Australia site.

Andrew, VK1NAM

In reply to VK1NAM:
Hi Andrew yes i can do that 19 contacts in all
t summit is SM-034 mt Nattung confusion was Nangatta which is the other side of the Snowy Mountains SM-092once i have my garmin st up with all the summits in it i wont have a problem i think because Sotawatch was down those few hrs yesterday
that was the problem ok catch up later
cheers Rod