Re Activation G/SC-005 and 006

Just to say a big thank you to all those who called me on Sunday (31stAug).
WX was appalling but thanks to my Gelert ‘Quickdraw’ which kept me fairly dry!

Running 5w FT-817 to 20m doublet @ 10mtrs. H/B tuner, PK-3 keyer

65 QSO’s on 40m CW from Selworthy Beacon (G/SC-005) including 8 S2S.
plus 1 S2S QSO on 30m

40 QSO’s on 40m CW from Periton Hill (G/SC-006). including 2 S2S QSO’s.

73 CU from the next Summit.

Jeff G4ELZ

In reply to G4ELZ:
Always glad to have a QSO with you Jeff, with few kind words !

73 and soon on another SOTA
Alain F6ENO