RBNhole Problems on Tuesday?

Hi all,
on Tuesday (Jan 16), I was on DL/MF-050 as DK3IT/P. Despite what I thought was a correct alert (created via SOTA Goat) and plenty of RBN spots from calling CQ from 14:48 till 15:10 UTC, it seems RBNhole never created a spot. I had a very hard (more precisely: cold :cold_face:) time fighting for four QSOs.

Did I make any mistake or was there just an unlucky outage of RBNhole?

Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to check the alert as of now, but I am pretty sure I checked it twice and had set the predicted time to 13:45 UTC with S-2 S+3.

Any help would be very welcome!

73 de es mni tnx
Martin, DK3IT

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Oh! I see… my beloved Rauhkopf is no more a valid SOTA summit :grimacing:… since October 2023z


  1. Lesson learned… always update the SOTA Goat database at home.
  2. Even your favorite summits in very established regions with a well-maintained summits list may become invalid, either by climate change or better geo data :wink:.