RBNHole is down

There have been no RBNHole spots since yesterday at 1359Z. CW activators take note.

73, Barry N1EU

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Add this bit of text >>>> @vk3arr <<<< somewhere to any reports of RBNHOLE not working n the reflector so that Andrew gets a message notifying him. Just in case he doesn’t check on here for a while.

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Do we have any more information on why? Or how we can help?


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The RBN changed their login format as part of a new beta test or something (judging from the banner). That impacted what RBNHole was expecting to see when it needs to log in. I will have to fiddle a bit to sort that out, but shouldn’t take too long


Much appreciated. Please do let me know if I can help.


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Thank you!

Thank you Andrew!

You’re an “IT mountain” and the best friend of the CW activator!

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS

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It looks like RBNhole is still down. . . And now it’s up at 1257Z! Thanks!

73, Barry N1EU

I guess RBNHole can occasionally miss forwarding an RBN spot to SOTAWatch. For example, F/HB9CBR/P never got spotted on SOTAwatch on 30M at 1319Z today, despite numerous RBN spots.

Spots on reversebeacon.net:

de dx freq cq/dx snr speed time
SM6FMB F/HB9CBR/P 10119.2 CW CQ 8 dB 24 wpm 1323z 16 Jan
HA1VHF F/HB9CBR/P 10119 CW CQ 13 dB 23 wpm 1319z 16 Jan
G0LUJ F/HB9CBR/P 10119.1 CW CQ 11 dB 23 wpm 1319z 16 Jan
EI9KF F/HB9CBR/P 10119.1 CW CQ 5 dB 23 wpm 1319z 16 Jan
OH6BG F/HB9CBR/P 10119.1 CW CQ 16 dB 23 wpm 1319z 16 Jan
GW8IZR F/HB9CBR/P 10119 CW CQ 16 dB 23 wpm 1319z 16 Jan
OE6TZE F/HB9CBR/P 10119.1 CW CQ 11 dB 23 wpm 1319z 16 Jan

Spots on SOTAwatch:
Tue 13:59 SV2RUJ/P on SV/TL-069 14.310 ssb
73 stavros aprs SV2RUJ-10 (Posted by SY2BIK)
Tue 13:17 F/HB9CBR/P on FL/VO-131 14.062 cw
(Posted by SA4BLM)
Tue 13:08 CT1DBS/P on CT/BB-003 14.061 cw
*[RBNHole] at GI4DOH 18 WPM 20 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Tue 13:07 F/HB9CBR/P on FL/VO-131 7.029 cw
(Posted by HB9BIN/P)

Someone else spotted him, so RBNHole doesn’t. It’s a feature, not a bug :wink:


Nobody spotted him on 30M - that was my point :wink:

He was spotted two minutes earlier on 20M but not when he qsy’d to 30M.

My dad always warned me I’d go blind. I’ll take a look sometime and see what I can find. I’m still guessing spot lockout, but who knows? :smiley:

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