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RBNHole down?

I don’t see a single RBNHole spot in the previous 72 hours so I suspect it was shut down and I missed the announcement or ???

73, Barry N1EU

Yep…no spots for me when I was out on a summit yesterday…


None for me for on activations last Friday and Saturday. Seems it’s been down for days.


Mike - ke5akl

It should de-snafu itself. But it’s probably more broken than normal. We need to wait for Andrew VK3ARR @VK3ARR to be awake so he can slap it.

I’ll take a look in an hour or so. I did patch it last week and reboot it, but noted it was gathering spots afterwards at the time. Probably something else out of that that I messed up.

Attempting to connect to 'relay2.reversebeacon.net' on port '7000'...socket_connect() failed. Reason: () Host name lookup failure

NetworkManager managed to kill DNS, probably to justify its existence. Spots are being gathered now.

Can we not bring systemd and PulseAudio into the equation and start a truly epic “religious war” here?


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…and I fixed it using vim :wink:

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I remember reading about someone who implemented vi/vim using the in-built emacs lisp macros! Of course everyone needs to know how to use vi on a Linux machine so they can fix the errors the last person made trying to set up emacs.

Funny you never see good bounce-ups between Geany, Kate and Nedit users.

n.b. for non-programming types, there have been religious wars between the users of various editors used by programmers ever since we stopped using paper tape or punched cards.

There were wars about those too, Flexowriter vs. ASR33 and the “real men use a manual card punch” thing.

Colin G8TMV
(In the vi/vim camp, since it reminds me of teco)

The last time I saw a Flexowriter in use was at University of Liverpool Computing Dept. connected to a Burroughs machine IIRC. 1982 I think. They said it, and the computer were obsolete back then.

just a note that I didn’t see a resumption of RBNHole spots ???

There are a few visible now at 2005Z

There’s a lot less spotting during the week, so it can sometimes be deceptive. When I kicked it, I watched it for 5 minutes and all the components ran correctly, but at midday on a Tuesday in VK, there are no CW activations as a general rule on which to test

Because they’re all heaping scorn on the gedit users…

My preferred graphical editor is Kate, but it’s a bit slow to start in a standard GNOME environment as it loads all those KDE libraries. Vim in a terminal, and gedit if I’m on the phone and need to quickly take a note.

They’re trying to force us to use Eclipse CDT for a project. We’ve just placed an order with Amazon for 2 dozen steak knives so we can stab ourselves in the eyes rather than suffer Eclipse for editing as well as Eclipse for general IDE stuff.


That joke about the unix airline comes to mind. Everyone meet on the Tarmac with plane parts and decide which bits go where.

I understand the health of RBNHole can be inferred by the presence or absence of spots using RBNHole. (Apologies if it’s been suggested before and discarded but…) I wonder if some sort of RBNHole “heartbeat” would add value. The design and presence of the heartbeat could be unambiguous and intuitively obvious whether it’s up or down. I’ll confess programming is not my area of expertise, so my suggestion might be way off base. I’d like to also acknowledge it’s a volunteer maintaining this much appreciated asset, and I’m sensitive to making more work for a valued contributor.

This exists but isn’t public. I’ll see what I can do.

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Thanks for exploring this concept, Andy. When I thought about it, I had only the vaguest idea that with some appropriate frequency (felt like every 6 hrs Zulu: 0000, 0600, 1200, 1800 might be about right) the RBNHole system would generate some sort of test spot. This test would be mixed into the stream of spots with an obvious tag something like “RBNHole 6-HOUR SELF TEST”. I might be totally off base here; just wanted to share one user’s persepctive. Thank you again. -Curt