RBNhole and QSYing

Hi all,

on Saturday, I did a quick activation of OE/VB-494 - now, I got a question:

I started CQing on 7026.5 MHz, which seemed to be free at the time. RBN registered my calls quickly:

RBNhole took this up immediately:


Quickly, many callers came in. I answered one but then I got the impression that they might try to call someone else, whom I could not hear. I have to admit that I am a bit out of practice in CW due to a lot of work in the past few months.

I decided to QSY in order to avoid sitting on someone else’s frequency.

The next free frequency I found was 7025.9. I called CQ, and got lots of spots from RBN:

But RBNhole never created a new spot for this new frequency. So I only got a few chasers.

Only when I tried 30m at the end of the activation, a new RBN entry triggered a new spot.

I think I left many chasers unhappy calling at the old frequency if there was indeed no other activation on the first frequency.

What could I have done better? How different must a new frequency be for RBNhole to create a new spot?

Thanks for any help!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Have you read the docs for RBNhole?

Not recently. RTF is what you recommend?

For those interested in the solution rather than education :wink: :


Says that you have to change the frequency by at least one kHZ.

speaks of ‚a few kHz‘.


But there is a method in asking you if you have read it rather than just giving the answer. That is, do people know how to find the docs? The best way is to give a slightly obtuse answer because as sure as “eggs is eggs” someone will say they’d RTFM is they could find TFM!

I think I know where it is and how to find but maybe we need a more explicit location.

One can give a man a fish. Or teach him fishing?:grinning:

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Hello Martin,
many tnx for your fb activation and the nice QSO.
At the same time HG90MRASZ was around 7026 making pile-up’s
and on 7027 is the italian QRQ frequeny always with traffic.
Quite difficult for QRP-stations on summits around these QRG’s… :frowning:
Have a good week and hope to meet you soon for a s2s!

Vy73 de Fritz DL4FDM (HB9CSA)

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I think there’s a 2.5khz guard band around the previous frequency. The main reason is dodgy rbn spotters. You can also change band and back if you had another band available.


Thanks - important info to know!

73 Barry N1EU

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