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RBNHole and CEPT Prefixes?

I have the feeling that RBNhole has difficulties spotting callsigns with CEPT prefixes, even when spotted properly on RBN.

Has anybody made similar experiences?

Right now, I cannot validate my intuition, because I do not know how to access older spots data from SOTAWatch.

Martin, DK3IT

I will test it this Wednesday, but I think I got some good spots when in LZ, SV, etc.however I cannot tell, as at the same time I was experiencing RBN not spotting me on 10MHz at all, thus I used my apps to spot.

Your post made me curious, so I will try spotting via RBN-hole at next activation in LA.

Thanks! Very interested in your finding!

Can you give a rough timeframe? I have logs. I can debug things with more information.

In short, CEPT won’t matter, unless your alert doesn’t match the CEPT prefix. Ie, you alert for DL1AAA and RBN sees OK/DL1AAA, then you won’t get spotted because your alert is wrong.

Re timeframe:
I forgot to check when the data was still easily available, but I think that RBNHole did not spot me during the following two activations:

a) Date:20/Mar/2017 Summit:HB/UR-042 (Badus/ Six Madun) Call Used:HB9/DK3IT/
Time ca. 12:25Z - 13:00 Z

b) Date:21/Jun/2017 Summit:OE/TI-358 (Patscherkofel) Call Used:OE/DK3IT/P
Time ca. 10:20Z - 11:44Z

In both cases, sooner or later a kind chaser did spot me, but I think there were additional spots on RBN that did not pass RBNhole, e.g. for additional frequencies I tried.

In case of a), the problem might have been that many skimmers are bad at skimming at low speeds (12 WPM or so), in particular for complicated callsigns (CEPT prefix and /P). In case of b), maybe the manual spot came to quick.

I just wanted to be certain that RBNHole does support prefixed callsigns.

Thanks for your effort!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Does it handle the oddities where visitors have to use a variant on the prefix?
The one that comes to mind is CT3 where visitors use CT9/*****. RBNHole didn’t spot me but then that could be my dreadful CW keying :cry:

Whatever you alert as. It’s just a string comparison

I tested this today. It spotted me correctly as LA/SQ6GIT on 7 MHz as well as 10MHz. So it seems it all works.

GM4TOE. This can be also propagation - at first I did not get spotted on 7MHz and I spotted myself with just 2x QSO following with poor reports.

The RBNhole spots worked when band conditions became really better.

| HB9/DK3IT/P | 7    | HB/UR-042 | 2017-03-20 12:37:09 |    7.03 |
| HB9/DK3IT/P | 7    | HB/UR-042 | 2017-03-20 12:39:54 |   7.029 |
| OE/DK3IT/P  | 7    | OE/TI-358 | 2017-06-21 10:27:39 |   7.031 |
| OE/DK3IT/P  | 7    | OE/TI-358 | 2017-06-21 10:29:32 |   7.031 |
| OE/DK3IT/P  | 7    | OE/TI-358 | 2017-06-21 10:29:14 |   7.031 |
| OE/DK3IT/P  | 7    | OE/TI-358 | 2017-06-21 10:30:44 |    7.03 |
| OE/DK3IT/P  | 7    | OE/TI-358 | 2017-06-21 10:31:11 |    7.03 |
| OE/DK3IT/P  | 14   | OE/TI-358 | 2017-06-21 11:49:26 | 14.0597 |
| OE/DK3IT/P  | 14   | OE/TI-358 | 2017-06-21 11:50:56 | 14.0597 |

You were spotted.

Thanks! That is excellent news!