RBN frequency limit?

With the CQ WW in full swing at the moment, I was wondering just how far the RBN for CW will catch your signal? I think some of the brave souls who are working CW today and are trying to get through could maybe go up the band a bit and have better luck. Maybe up past the data guys or on some of the Novice areas. For instance 7.120 mhz here in the states. Will RBN pick them up? Thanks all. de Scotty KG3W

Hi Scotty,

I am no expert, but from earlier discussions about this, I am fairly certain that the skimmers feeding RBN only monitor the recognised CW sections. Transmitting elsewhere is unlikely to be spotted automatically.

You could test it from home, just send CQ and see if it pops up on RBN…


FWIW, I just sent a CQ on 7120 with 50w and got two RBN spots.

73, Barry N1EU

The frequencies covered depend on the RX the skimmer is using. Some cover the whole band and some just the CW sections. So it depends on skimmer. I’d expect there to be fewer skimmers listening out of CW sub-bands.

There’s a list of active skimmers (and the bands they’re skimming) on the reversebeacon.net site, but it doesn’t, unfortunately, give details of which parts of the bands skimmers are watching.

Have a look here: - Reverse Beacon Network

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Thanks Gentlemen for the info. I will put this info to good use. 73 de Scotty