RBN down?

Hi all,
is reversebeacon.net down? For the last two days, while the main page is loading properly, no spots are being displayed and the turning wheel at the bottom of the page keeps on spinning.

And if there is a problem with RBN does this affect RBNhole?

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Hi Martin,

Working here:

Try clearing your ISP and browser cache (CTRL+F5).

73 Ed.

Thanks - that helped! My main problem was that clearing the browser cache on IOS devices seems to require deleting all history and cookies, too. Not too much of a nuisance, but if anybody knows a more elegant way of clearing the cache in IOS, I would be eager to learn of it.

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Pressing Ctrl + F5 “should” clear the cache in any browser, on anly OS platform". Perhaps Safari is not standards compliant? Your other option would have been to install a different browser - for example Firefox for situations where the native Apple browser seems to indicate a problem, checking with a different browser is often a good step to help with problem tracing.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed, there is no Ctrl + F5 on my iPhone nor iPad :wink:

It also does not reboot with Ctrl-Alt-Esc :slight_smile:

OOPs sorry - I was thinking PC of course!

There ought to be a way to clear the web cache without clearing cookies and history as well on mobile devices but it seems there isn’t on iOS devices! Whether Safari, Chrome, Dolphin or Firefox, all clear all history data as well as the cache!

Android appears to be more specific that you can just clear the cache:

73 Ed.