RBN is a great help. But can someone fix this border-summit-bug:

Thu 13:31 OE/HB9BIN/P on DL/AL-047
7.032 cw *CQ CQ at 29 wpm. S/N=21 dB at IK3STG {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)

RBN took the SOTA-Ref from the alert. DL/AL-047 is also OE/TI-643!

But when I am call OE/HB9BIN/P this spot with a Ref. DL/AL-047 makes no sense!
Tks in advance de HB9BIN, Juerg

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Juerg, it only knows what you tell it, you should set an alert that’s universal. Although in your case it would be ??/??-??? I guess.

I’ve often wondered about these border summits, do you have to decend out of the activation zone and re-ascend to make it legal? (-:


Ian mm0gyx

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Hi Ian…
PSE look at point in general rules…

73 de Tom

In reply to MM0GYX:

Multiple refs for one physical mountain is a hangover from early days of SOTA. It’s a Europe only feature and it’s future is under review.