RBN and /sota

RBN allows wildcard searches using “*”. Right now they support searches such as */qrp and */p that allow users to retrieve all the QRP or portable spots. Try CQing with your own call /qrp or /p, then query and watch yourself appear.

Unfortunately RBN doesn’t support a */sota search. If they did chasers could use such a search to selectively retrieve SOTA spots. Seems like that capability might greatly mitigate the need for something like RBNGate/RBNHole. Given that the mechanism supporting /qrp and /p is already in place it also seems like it might not be too difficult to implement.

A few years ago I emailed the RBN organization and suggested this but never received any kind of a reply. If any SOTA folks have some pull with RBN and think the idea worthwhile perhaps they could contact and suggest it.


Mike - ke5akl