Rare Sotawatch remarks on summits


today while tracking activations in progress on SotaWatch I saw this extrange remark on screen while moving the mouse pointer:

As you see the points assigned to the Spot is different to the remark on the Alert area.
Could you just check why it happened?

73 de Ignacio

Hello Ignacio,
Nothing really bad!
The Alert show the old score (1 point)
The spot give the new score (2 points)
The Alert Database is not uptodate.
73 from GeraldFL_NO

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Actually, this a problem with the database query on the summits table: the points values are stored in another table, and in order to select the current points values for a particular summit, one must always stipulate that the values taken from the points table are those where the from/to dates are current.

So, it would appear that the query behind the spot is correct, but the query behind the alert does not stipulate the correct entry in the points table for the summit in question.


I am happy it is 2 points and not 1 point :wink:

73 Andrew G4AFI

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