"Random acts of muppeteering" by chasers!

There are a couple of good threads with stories of activators who have had “summit brain” & done something stupid but I’m interested to hear if any chasers have committed what I call “random acts of muppeteering” (which I define as “an act of remarkable stupidity due to absent mindedness, bad implementation, a lack of thought, a lack of knowledge or just a badly conceived idea by an otherwise fairly intelligent & sensible person or group of people”).

Yesterday I went to my 3 acre site where I have a couple of antennas set up to do some work on the antennas in preparation for CQWW in a couple of months time. This went without any hitches and when I was done I decided to test the antennas by chasing some SOTA.

I was incredibly frustrated to find a loud “popping sound” at 0.5 second intervals which was S8 on the radio with the attenuator on across all of the bands making it extremely difficult to hear weaker stations. I normally have only S1 noise maximum at this location.

We have horses in the field so I put this down to the electric fence which runs near the antenna. I persevered & managed to get around 40-50 chaser points, which is extremely good by my standards but I could have got more if it wasn’t for the interference from the electric fence.

After packing up I went for a wonder around the site to check up on a few things and discovered that the electric fence was turned off!

I was powering the radio from the leisure battery in my motorhome & I suspect that the interference was actually coming from the solar charging system fitted to the motorhome. I’m absolutely kicking myself because I could have turned that off if I needed to.

Basically I inadvertently increased my own noise level by around 7 S-points (which is higher than my noisy urban home QTH) without realising!

Has anyone else done anything stupid like this? Let’s have a laugh at some chaser mistakes.


… erm doing a sneaky chase when working from home, and the work phone rang (voip app on my phone which I use for spotting). Managed to stop giving my callsign when answering the phone but managed to say “Over” after I had said hello… (For anyone thinking I was skiving I have also dealt with quite messy work situations on my day off half way up a hillside, trying to switch from mountains and radio to GDPR whilst still out of breath is quite hard!). Paul - with only 1 days employment to go before retirement!


Congratulations on the impending retirement Paul, but … now expect to start working three times as hard as before !!

73 Ed.