Rain stopped play at G/CE-001

Sorry to those chasing me on 30M, there was a sudden deluge of rain and wind which forced me to QRT. Shame really as I was just getting into the CW and hoped to try 20M. It was bad wx in the morning but by early PM it looked OK albeit very windy - I thought the pole wasnt going to survive but it did.

When I started I heard Hermann OE5HCE on OE/OO-375 in full swing on 7118 so I thought it would be nice to begin with a S2S. However, 40M SSB can be a zoo sometimes and also I spend most of my SOTA time chasing so I know how enthusiastic we chasers can be. It took some time to break in. Thanks for the UK stations that tried to help, much appreciated. There is not really an answer to this common scenario but S2S on 40M SSB with QRP can be v hard. Perhaps activators could leave a slot for S2S to break in and if a chaser hears a S2S then please help the poor guy out !

Anyway thanks to all the chasers and I managed 3 S2S so not bad. If the wx had held out it would have been more fun though. Having said that the XYL was beginning to get bored and cold !

I hope to activate Walbury Hill G/SE-001 tomorrow on my way home so hope to catch you on the bands.

73s Andrew G4AFI

In reply to G4AFI:

Hi Andrew,

It was very nice to work you on 7112KHz SSB earlier today. I didn’t come across your activation until several minutes after you had been spotted. Nonetheless it was a great pleasure to work you on what is for me a rare day off work.

I did mention the strong wind & very heavy rain we experienced in NW England today during our QSO, & was quite surprised that you were enjoying better conditions. That didn’t last though did it. Hi!

I heard you work an S2S on 7.032, then spotted your QSY to 10.118 as agreed. I could only tell you had become QRV when I heard the chasers working you, but unfortunately I could not hear you on that band.

You were very loud for 5 Watts! Well done :slight_smile:

Thanks for the contact & Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to G4AFI:
Hello Andrew, nice to speak you today and well done with the S2S with OE5. You were very loud indeed down here in East Sussex with your 5 watts. I hope the battery of your XYL’s Kindle lasted :sunglasses:
Thanks again

In reply to G4AFI:

You were 599+ in Cheltenham :slight_smile:
I only noticed you were on just as you were packing up, as I tuned in you were sending “sri nw QRT”.
We were supposed to be going on our work annual Summer Solstice bike ride this afternoon.
Needless to say everyone cried off!
Yes it was not a good weather day (again).
Better luck tomorrow.


In reply to G4ISJ:
Well I did get soaked packing up but nothing like the torrential rain in Lancashire and Yorkshire - wow. I hope no-one got flooded out.

73s Andrew G4AFI

In reply to G4AFI who said:
‘Perhaps activators could leave a slot for S2S to break in and if a chaser hears a S2S then please help the poor guy out !’

I agree. Luckily most Chasers around here will alert Activators of possible S2S opportunities and most will go quiet if they hear an S2S shout. I’m talking mainly about 2mFM here (since that is what I mostly operate) and I know the situation can be far worse on HF but I think it is just common courtesy to help out QRP stations, I do tend to operate at 10W myself most of the time since I share the Rig with M6EPW and only increase the power if I am struggling to make the contact.

But my view might just be because I am a bit like you, mainly a Chaser even if I happen to be on a Summit at the time:)


P.S. Hope to catch you again on a G/SE summit this time.