Radio lesson today

Again, between 1pm and 3pm today it is radio lesson. We are doing some appreciation of morse, so I will be calling on 144.060MHz CW (vertically polarised) if any SOTA friends are around to reply. Probably also some 2m FM (simplex or VT repeater - 145.725 (.125 input), CTCSS 103.5) and 2m SSB (vert-pol).

And it will be all via the equipment of Shirley MW0YLS, remembered recently on this reflector.

If anyone is around to help, it will be appreciated. Grateful thanks to Dave G0AOD for exchanging greetings messages with my students last week.


Now quiet, but not QRT. Thanks to Mike for CW and SSB demos.

Pupils now SWLing on receivers, or testing each other on phonetics etc.

Main station rig is monitoring GB3VT if anyone wants to call in. We are listening on 145.725MHz. Repeater input is 145.125MHz with CTCSS 103.5MHz necessary.

Thanks, Tom M1EYP/A

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Hi Tom

Just to let you know that you were making the trip to the North Sea coast on 144.060 CW. I could hear you in QSO with Mike but the sigs were about 229 and too weak to have had a meaningful conversation.


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You were 2 by 2 here on SSB, I only have a horizontal beam, a vertical with similar gain would have probably brought you in at about s9 and I would have called in.


Brian G8ADD