Radcom and SOTA

Hi all
Just wanted to say well done to Richard G4ERP for an excellent introductory article to the SOTA scheme in the latest Radcom. Very good indeed. My only complaint would be that SOTA is addictive or chasers as well as activators :wink:
Frank, RMD looks rather regal on the front cover surveying all before him!
Well done Richard, lets hope the database is up and running soon to cope with the influx of interest that will no doubt follow!

Hi All,

An excellent article Richard, well thought out, clear and concise for the ‘SOTA newcomer’ and with good photos too (although Frank tells me that he thinks he looks a bit like a ‘lost’ geriatric HI).

Nice one,

Mike G4BLH

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I thought that the article was excellent, but also that the whole Radcom was superb. For example mention of LiPo, the enhanced activity on the VHF bands and how due to SOTA operators in the NW Eng and Scotland the 23cm band is growing in popularity!!

Hopefully the SOTA part of the hobby goes from strength to strength!

Matt 2E0XTL

In reply to 2E0XTL: Haven’t received my copy yet! Looking forward to reading the article.

Looks like a lot of members are awaiting delivery (including me):


Stewart G0LGS

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According to the RSGB website, RadCom was posted last Tuesday - they and the Post Office are investigating why so many have not yet been delivered, including mine !!

Graham G3OHC

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Looks like a lot of members are awaiting delivery (including me):

Me too!

I have to say if it had not been mentioned here I would not of noticed it had not arrived, I find it that exciting. It would however have been nice to have had it in time to read while I was on nights.

Just a thought…How about a SOTA special edition of RADCOM? or a SOTA manual as a pull out with hints and tips on antennas, batteries, rigs, navigation, walking gear, mountain craft etcetera? When you have five minute Richard!!! ;0)

Steve GW7AAV

Just to add that although I have not seen this issue of Radcom I understand that Clifford M6LKB is in there too, with his sister, helping :slight_smile: the Girl Guides with their Thinking Day special event station at Castle Ashby.

David G6LKB

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You are quite right Dave, they both get a mention.

73, Mike G4BLH

I’ve not had mine yet either, but it sounds like it is already the SOTA Special Edition that Steve craves anyway!

The idea of a SOTA compendium along the lines you describe was explored a couple of years ago Steve. The fact that we have always had 100% online administration means that new associations and updated summits can be adopted relatively quickly - a printed version would be out-of-date too quickly. The other ideas about feature articles about operating, equipment etc have merit, but again I doubt a printed version could compete with or significantly compliment the immediate online discussion we already have on here.

I did a lot of work on the proposal for a SOTA book (in its own right) a few years ago, but the issues above plus other difficulties meant that I had to reluctantly admit that it was like King John’s Castle - a non-starter.

I do enjoy the occasional magazine pieces about SOTA that come up from time to time though, and I am looking forward to reading Richard G4ERP’s, which I know will be first class. Talking of G4ERP, he did contribute a superb feature to the Radio Communication Handbook not so long ago - this covers much of you wish to see Steve if you’ve not seen it.

Perhaps I should prepare another piece for the RSGB Yearbook, as the last one appeared in the 2006 edition.


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My Radcom finally arrived today. It’s a bumper SOTA issue. I did enjoy Richard’s article which is clear and concise. Good one.



Mine and Jimmy’s waiting for us when we got in from our respective schools too. FB on the FB articles both Richards.


Agree, a very good article.
73’s de John

Thanks, chaps.

I confess to having been waiting with more than a little nervousness to see how it would be received.

We were away charging up hills at stupid speeds last weekend when RadCom arrived and I naturally assumed everyone had got theirs as well. When I looked at the reflector late Sunday evening there was no mention. Nothing at all. Not one cry of “rubbish!”.

Oh dear, I thought - and went to bed. :frowning:

73, Richard

In reply to G4ERP:

Hi Richard, I have just got in from work and my copy only arrived today !! ( I was beginning to think it was because I had joined ARRL recently Hi Hi)

I will read all with interest and give my honest opinion soon, Im sure it wont be “Rubbish” Hi Hi.

Anyway I am impressed with your dedication to be able to write any large article and get it published. (I really wish I had the time and thats not an excuse)

Well done from me even before I read it



In reply to GW3BV:
It’s a very good article Richard, which I enjoyed reading. Thank you for taking the time. Mr Newstead’s Portable column is good too this month on batteries. Actually it’s quite a comprehensible edition of Radcom this month, SDR aside! Frank and Jimmy have both been cover boys in the last twelve months. All this publicity and ISW makes me hope for a mended database soon.

Do you think that the SOTA edition of QST will no doubt follow in a few years?



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Hi David, whats this about surnames with you???

I have read both articles and Both are Excellent as expected from both Richard’s!!

I did get a small article published in QST and was totally chuffed to get it in there.

If I can get some time after my heavy work load, I would love to try to get into The excellent American Publication with a larger article.

Do you fancy doing a duel article? Two Intermediate calls working in harmony to promote SOTA Stateside or should we leave it to Tom N2YTF ??

Well done again to both CWI & ERP for their dedication and articles.

Best 73


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Hi David, whats this about surnames with you???

Hi hi! David is the only one who gets a callsign AND a surname when I am writing things up.

Dave M0MYA

In reply to G3CWI:

My Radcom finally arrived. It’s a bumper SOTA issue. I did enjoy
Richard’s article which is clear and concise. Good one.

A definite thumbs up from me!
Now for the other articles :o)
Graham G4FUJ