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RaDAR Activity Weekend


I will try that tomorrow on my laptop. I’m on my smartphone now and I have just installed an app from Play Store called QTH Locator szebel.
It finds my current location and gives me the 10 digit locator. Cool!
Thanks and 73,



I’m curious. Why use grid squres when you can use Lat/Long? I know every one does it in contests etc and I will happily report my square but I dont understand why they are preferred/favoured etc.


I guess it is for the grid squares collectors.
Using just Lat/Long would prevent them from ticking boxes whenever a new square has been worked.
I have seen that the QTH Locator szebel app is not very accurate because I know perfectly where I am now in the 10 digits locator grid and the app is placing me three 10 digit locator squares away of my actual position.



For the reason given, it’s easier to say and remember IO74WV than 55.88N 4.13W.


By changing some location configuration in my smartphone, I’ve got the app to exactly point to the 10 digits grid square I’m in now.
Perfect accuracy now.