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Very interesting to see your UAZ Hunter 4x4 vehicle. When the British Landrover Defender goes out of production at the end of this year, the UAZ Hunter will be the nearest equivalent still being marketed.

I have a Defender 90, which will become a collector’s item after this year!

Walt (G3NYY)

A nice summit with excellent views, obviously very rich agricultural land.

Looks a bit windy and cold which is to be expected at summits.

73’s, Nick

Hi Walt,
Yes, UAZ or something similar is a good car to explore the outdoors, especially in the Urals where there are some places with no roads.


Hi Nick,

Yes, this summer was particularly cold and windy, it complicates a bit the activations. The summit is a part of what used to be an ancient sea 200mln years ago. Unfortunately, this summit might be destroyed in the coming years, because it consists of chemicals for soda production and the government is planning to slowly cut it and use it for production…Although, we all hope that it wouldnt happen eventually:)


Thanks Marat for the response and such a shame the summit may one day disappear.

Looks like the only prominent feature for many kms and the views will be gone forever.

Just as well you did your activation before it is gone.

73’s, Nick