R9U/SO-144 activation. +Video

At the end of the season, Alex R9WGK and Vlad RX9WT turned their attention to the summit R9U/SO-144. The trip turned out to be interesting.
Vlad was active on CW on 14 MHz, Alex was on SSB. In addition, several contacts were on 145 MHz, with a maximum ODX of 158 km.

The limited size of the clearing at the summit and the lack of time did not allow QRV on 10 and 7 MHz.
Thanks to all chasers for being active.
Many thanks to Fabio IK2LEY for patience and S2S!
Phil, G4OBK - I apologize for my unfortunate mistake!
Video about this activation:



Many thanks to you!
Well done!
73 Fabio


Alex & Vlad - now that is what I call extreme SOTA! Is every summit in the Ural region so difficult?! I must admit I was worried and felt very stressed watching parts of the film, the very dramatic driving part especially, thinking that you would not be able to extricate Lady Ni and you would be permanently stuck. It all came good in the end. I liked the music and also the night time shots around the campfire, what an adventure! Whilst it seemed the QSO was just another unique for the logbook before I watched, the film told a much fuller story of how it came about. Thank you.

73 Phil G4OBK


Great video guys, thanks for sharing.

Geoff vk3sq

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Thanks Phil!
Probably only 10 percent of local summits are convenient to visit. Only a few summits have marked trails and recreational infrastructure. Everything else is completely wild. Somewhere there were old forest roads, where in the days of the USSR they harvested wood. For some summits, you have to raft 100 km or more - this is what we did in the spring, when we activated SO-120 and SO-083. All available peaks were activated by my comrades in the first year that we had SOTA in Urals.