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A nice presentation and thanks Igor. The countryside is very beautiful and a good campsite to boot.

Was there water available at the summit or did you have to carry water in ?

Whenever possible I try to do a campout as it gives more time to really appreciate the summit and its surrounds.

Anxiously waiting for spring to come as there are a couple of o/night camping summits I wish to activate.

Cheers, Nick VK2AOH

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Hi Nick!
Thank you for your feedback on the video of Igor. I told him about your message. In the words of Igor, the water is not at the top, so the water for the camp brought with them. Simultaneously with the activation of the top of the boys participated in regional competitions on VHF and to this end, slept on top. I also love spending the night on the top and find it very “romantic”. The only weight lifting increases the weight of tents, sleeping bag, food, water and a gas burner.
I wish you a successful activation.
Marat RA9WJV.
P.S. Sorry for the bad English - translation is done using Google translator.

Thanks for the reply Marat, lack of water on summits for overnight camps can be a problem.

I cannot think of one summit I have been to where there is some sort of water supply available.

Carrying sufficient water for camping certainly adds a lot of weight.

Good luck with your future activations.

73’s, Nick VK2AOH