R9U/SO-054 Activation report

Hello friends,i maked first activation of summit R9U/SO-054 Kurshatau mountain in South Ural at 25/10/2020.
We rode bicycles on this trip. The car was left near the highway. The road made it possible to drive part of the way in an SUV, but this most likely took even more time since the road is impassable in places.

To the end point of the route about 7 km.

The road is not difficult - a slight rise, sometimes even descents. Dead leaves, puddles, ruts and sleet made it difficult to cycle. But, nevertheless, we did not even get tired.Well, maybe a little :wink:

We haven’t seen any bear tracks, fortunately only such

The last meters were harder - a very steep climb, wet stones and a slippery path. Later we looked at the map and there is another road, possibly more convenient.

A strong wind was blowing at the top, but it was not cold, about 5+. Due to the wind, it was not possible to shoot a video from the drone.

I used FT-817 and Inv-vee antenna on 20 meter band and hit again during a contest, but i got more 10 CW QSO on 14.060. For VHF, I took Baofeng. Despite the proximity of the city of Beloretsk, no one answered me. It got cold to fast, and I realized that it was time to go down.

As a result, I attach a video of the trip:


По снегу на великах!Класс! 73 de K6MAA