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R9U/SO-044 again

After a successful trip to Bahmur (R9U/SO-100) our two attempts to activate in the winter period turned out to be unsuccessful for various reasons. Although many efforts have been made to do this. There was not enough light day and physical preparation of all members of the ascent to R9U/SO-004. Up to the top there were about 100 meters…
At the end of winter, I climbed to the top of R9U/SO-002 (Bolshoy Iremel) alone.
The climb to the iced top was not easy, but the installation of the antenna only by own strength turned into a real test. Storm wind just did not let it. When, finally, the antenna was installed I had very little time to work on the air. Hiding from the freezing wind behind the rocks, I was able to hold out only for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, no one answered my CQ. Further stay on top became dangerous. There was a long and difficult descent waiting for me. I came down from the top, staggering with fatigue already in the dark … The skin with frostbitten fingers came off in a week. Memorizing “activation”. )

The next opportunity to get out into the mountains appeared to me only in May. From available for a trip during the weekend we, with daughter have chosen R9U/SO-044.

From the house to the summit there are about 260 km of mountain roads. The last few kilometers - off-road. Carefully choosing the path, we were able to climb to the base of the rocky dome of the summit, only a couple of times using the winch cable.
Leaving the car in a small glade, we continued to climb to the top with equipment in a backpack and a folding GP antenna for 14 MHz in the cover.

The summit met us with snow, periodically falling from the black clouds. We quickly put the antenna, using as a mast broken by a hurricane-winded low pine.

It remains only to connect the battery and the key to the transceiver. An automatic tuner mounted on the antenna allows to use the GP on several bands without spending time on switching or resizing.

The 20m band was completely blocked by the signals of the WPX contest.
In an instant, the ATU matched the antenna at 18 MHz.
Thanks to Marat’s (RA9WJV) spot, my CQ was immediately answered. And then, in the winter on top of R9U/SO-002 I could not use a cell phone!
My home-made DCR transceiver worked remarkably. A power of 20 W is enough for DX.

While my daughter and I were at the top, the weather was constantly changing. The bright sun was replaced by snow clouds and it became dark. The temperature was not higher than 3-5 C.

After spending about an hour at the top, we finished the work on the air, turned off the equipment and started descending to the car - our base camp. It was necessary to have dinner and rest after a hard day.
The Sloper for 10 MHz , thrown over a tree, made the evening more interesting. RDA BA-38 is still quite a rare area.
After spending the night in a tent, in the morning we silently climbed along the nearby rocks, admiring the wonderful views.

I had a feeling that this spring we were here first. On a fairly visited mountain, we did not meet a single person.
Folding the camp, we started our way home…
Many thanks to everyone chasers, who made this trip an unforgettable one.
Masha & RX9WT


Where to go in the last warm autumn days? So that it was not very far, not very difficult and very beautiful. Of course, the best choice for the Ural enthusiast of the SOTA program is R9U / SO-044!
Alex RA9WPV, Marat RA9WJV and Vlad RX9WT climbed this peak at the beginning of October due to a short period of good weather in an endless series of autumn rains.
Starting late from Ufa, we were able to get to the summit only in the twilight. Installed the antenna already in the dark. I especially remember the descent along the rocks in the light of headlamps and night orientation in the forest)
In the morning, we decided to repeat the ascent, since only a few “night” QSOs did not satisfy us…
It seems to me that only a photo can convey the atmosphere of that trip.

Everything was fine: the weather was wonderful and the mountain was beautiful, the car did not get stuck in the swamp, propogation was not bad, and, most importantly, a group of friends!
R9U/SO-044 again.
Vlad RX9WT


Hello Vlad, very nice activation report, and beautiful pictures.

73 David OK4KOP


Thank you David!
I will be glad to meet you on the air.

Nice report & wonderful atmosphera!
I hope to contact you on s2s in the next activations!
de Roberto

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73 dear Roberto.
See you on S2S!
Ciao ciao

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