R9U/SO-038 Activated!

Hi there! On a recent weekend I had activated my very first summit on our new R9U Assosiation. It was Malinovaya mountain, R9U/SO-038. I used FT-857 with 20/100W and Ground plane antenna on 20 meter band. Got 13 QSO on about 3 hours - pretty poor, but well, activation is done.

Me, my wife and our almost 10 months old kid started on 07:30 local time.

At the end of forest, at the beginning of the mountain wife was tired and goes back to camp.
More photos:


Thanks for the pictures and report Timur. It took a long time to get the association sorted and in place so I hope you enjoy activating SOTA.


Yep, it’s really joyful combination of two hobbies: radio and rest with a family. :smile:

Nice one.
Shame not catch you on the band would have been good.
Await your next one.


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Great pictures! 73! Hal N6JZT

Congratulations on activating in your new association, nice photos and great to share with your family.

Roger MW0IDX

Timur -

Great report and photos - thanks for getting out there and activating!

I looked at your SOTAWatch spot that RD9W posted for you at 05:37z and see that the frequency was only posted at 14MHz. If you can find a specific frequency to call CQ and have that posted in your spot, I’d venture that you’d be able to work a good number of SOTA Chasers in much less time than three hours. They really want to find you!

For future activators you could include some access information and link your report to the SOTAWatch Summit Information pages - easier to find than on this Reflector.

73 and best wishes - Etienne-K7ATN

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Hello Timur,
Very well done on the activation. I did listen out for you on your first alert - oh well next time. I was going to email you with some observations but I see no email on qrz. If you can please send me a email - details on qrz. Just put my callsign before the @ I had to do this to stop being told that I had won 50,0000000000000000000 dollars etc. etc. for something Best wishes…
Mike G6TUH

Some pretty impressive looking country in those mountains Timur and great photos. Looks definitely chilly.

Another interesting country for us to chase and hope to qso with you some time.

Cheers, Nick

Well done, Timur!

Superb! A fantastic looking summit. Congratulations on getting this new association off the ground.

Super report, congratulations. Let’s hope that SOTA expands across Russia as it did across North America - but hopefully more quickly!

Congratulations, Timur! Lovely photographs. I hope you will enjoy many more successful activations in the future.

Walt (G3NYY)