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R9U/SO-002 Bolshoy Iremel: Saturday 1 april 2017

For a third year in a row, closing winter season, we ascend and activate the Bolshoy Iremel, a summit in the Southern Urals.
This year, along with the author, Igor RV9WIW participated in activation. We were also accompanied by my wife Irina and Igor’s work friend Sergey.
The ascension to the summit begins in Tulyuk village, located at the piedmont, on the border of national park.
To Tulyuk village we arrived by car along federal highway M5, driving 150km from Ufa city and with a night stop-over in Yuryuzan city at our friend’s – Vladimir RK8A house, who is also a big SOTA fan.
The ascension itself started at 9am on Saturday 1 April and was completed with descension to Tuyluyk at 10pm in the evening. Basically, to climb up it is not necessary to use ski, as there is well walkable path, frequently used by snowmobiles.

The only difficult part is at the upper part of the summit, where it is hard to walk on dense slippery slope without crampons.

Changing weather conditions with strong wind and low temperatures at the summit did not let us activate it on short waves. We only worked on ultra short waves on portable station.

Thank you to all our correspondents from Ufa and towns of Chelyabinsk region for conducted connections!

And a special thanks to Volodya RK8A who hosted us after ascension and to his wife Nadezhda for fixing us a big tasty meal in the evening!


Thanks for outstanding report and beautiful pictures!

Best 73,


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