R9U/SO-002 Bolshoy Iremel activation

Hi all!
On a recent weekend me, my family and a few friends traveled to Bolshoy Iremel (Big Iremel) mountain, it’s about 250 km far from my city Ufa. This journey has planned a little bit spontaneous and I thought about activation, why not? I took DIY Yagi from my friend RV9WIW and Yaesu VX-6R and does only 7 QSOs.

Here is some photos:

On the road to the mountain, my wife and our 1yo kid

I had climbed on the Iremel second time of four attempts. First one on May 2012 was strong wind and fog, we had stopped on a middle of climb. Second attempt was on July 2012 and it was succesful. Third one was failed again, on February 2013, it was extremely cold and windy, and now, like a said, this was fourth attempt, and second succesful climb! :smile:

My little son has fall asleep on the beggining of climb and slept all climb and descent on the back of mom. :smile:

Climb is about 300 vertical meters from foot to peak.

Sorry for poor English and 73!


Loving the photo’s the scenery is rather breath taking.
Thanks for Sharing with us :grinning:

By the way your English is rather good and well understandable.

Karl 73s


Great photos and writeup, thanks! 73 Hal n6jzt