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R9U/CE-059 first activation

This was my first SOTA activation and the first activation of Shunut R9U/CE-059.

I have downloaded SOTA Goat app from App Store and updated summits database. Unfortunately the app does not show Shunut in it’s listing (as well as several other summits in R9U/CE assosiation) although the summit is in the database on the official SOTA web site. Hopefully the author will correct this, otherwise 4 $ spent for nothing.

I have used Elecraft K3 running 60 W

and connected to Buddipole antenna.

It is not me on the picture above. It is my friend Igor who helped me a lot.

Electric power was coming from 25Ah LiFePo4 battery which also was feeding MSI laptop for CW and logging. Two modes were used - CW on 14060 and SSB on 14305. There were no fast internet connection so I could only spot myself through W9PA cluster couple of times.

In 1 hour 10 minutes I have managed to log 47 CW an 31 SSB QSO before the rain clouds arrived.
Many people were asking for my RDA as well. Signals were strong and reports were up to 59 plus with most of the correspondents. The only problem was very strong wind up on the summit. I have made several pictures and will try to publish them here. Thanks to all who called and worked me. I hope to do better next time.

This is view from the top.

73, Igor Sokolov UA9CDC/p


You can update the summits database in SOTA Goat from the “Settings” page. You need to do that from time to time as this app does not currently do it for itself.

As written in the original message “I have downloaded SOTA Goat app from App Store and updated summits database.”

Igor, there was a small update done to R9U/CE last evening (31-aug-16) to correct some summits names. You can try another database update on your app and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t then mail the app author.

Andy thank you. It all works now with the last evening update. Thanks again.

Now what is needed to change number of activations of this summit from 0 to 1? Do I have send log somwhere? Do I have to apply somwhere?

Hi Igor.

Thanks for the report. Good to see that.

Please go to http://www.sotadata.org.uk/ to upload your activator’s log. You will need to log on (which is a separate login from the other SOTA sites) . You can then enter the log line by line or you can upload a CSV file.

When you have done that it will have doubled the number of summits activated in R9U/CE !

73, Simon

Thank you Simon. Uploading is done. I have got my first 4 activator points :slight_smile:
Pity standard formats like ADIF, CABRILLO or EDI are not supported. Making TSV file takes time. Is there a tool that converts some of the above formats into CSV or TSV?

73, Igor UA9CDC

We’ve been doing uploads for longer than some of those standards have been in existence! :wink:

Look here:

Hi Igor,

At 1300z you logged my callsign incorrectly, it should be F/G4AFI. Many thanks for the QSO, impressive kit you brought to the summit.

73 Andrew G4AFI