R.J. Eckersley

    I won as a hamfest prize many years ago the 1985 3rd edition of  

" Amateur Radio Operating Manual" by R.J. Eckersley.
Have there been any further editions printed?
I have found it very useful even here in the USA especially the International
call sign series holders section.
I didn’t find any reference to later editions on the internet. Thanks for reading

Later editions by R. J. Eckersley or later editions of the book by any author?

#1 search for me is Amazon US selling the 3rd edition with a link to the more recent 6th edition but that is not by Eckersley.

I will have to look for the 6th edition and see if it has basically the same material. It was a RSGB book so maybe I should check their web page and see what exists.

Is he still living or SK? I see there is a QRZ.com page for him.

Maybe this from the RSGB Shop

Yes I found this at their shop. I will have to start saving some shillings. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the heads-up! I am still using the First Edition (by R.J. Eckersley), published 1979.
Perhaps it’s time I invested in the 8th Edition,
Walt (G3NYY)

I have the 1979 edition, and although Eckersley’s name appears on the front cover, he
is listed as the editor, with contributions from over 30 contributors, so maybe the content
wouldn’t have changed that much on editions which don’t bear his name (except time
related changes of course)
Kind regards
Dave. G0ELJ