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Quiz of the day II

The staff at our local bike shop looked at one of our tyres with failure at the rim and very firmly diagnosed under-inflation. (Not mountain bike but gravel tread.) I now pump them to around 75psi (more if not going out the same day) and watch for any softness. I do know that a softer tyre is sometimes preferred for mud - perhaps not for gravel.
I hope to get you in the log again sometime, Fraser, but noisy condition here make chasing very slow :unamused:
PS - well done to Adrian for his answer - perhaps a Well Done to Fraser for implementing it on the ground.


Yes Rod, I’d agree with you there. I never go below 50psi with a mountain bike, with 70psi in the gravel bike and 110psi in my road bike.

Might catch you if I get on 40m any time soon. I avoided it yesterday due to a contest, opting for the upper end of 20m instead. Quite often the skip on 20m takes my signal past most of the UK, although I did get a G or two in the log yesterday.

73, Fraser

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Yes indeed! And thanks for sharing, interesting stuff!

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Ah, new info, not in the problem data originally.

That changes the set of possibilities hugely.

Well done using the damaged tube. Good recovery.


Considering how small and lightweight medium cable ties are then I shall be adding a slack handful into my cycling bag. I normally carry 2 tubes and puncture kit with me.

I was wondering if I’d have thought of that fix and maybe not. It only works for disc brakes which are relatively new to me, all my other off road bikes had V brakes. However, I feel I’ve learnt something really useful to know and shall celebrate by taking the hound for a walk, watering Mrs. FMF’s runner beans and Sweet Peas then watering me with a small malt!


That is a very good point. Many hill-goers use old bikes for access to remote hill locations. Personally I’ve never had an issue leaving a newer bike in a remote area. I never lock it, going with the theory that if someone takes it, they had a greater need than me - ie to go call a rescue or similar.

Anyway, you could un-do one V-brake and take it easy!

Seven miles on the reinforcing tube? I’d have thought it would shred in 14 Km!!

I’ve had the same sentiments expressed to me by a number of people. As soon as you get far enough from where neds can/will walk from their uninsured/untaxed cars you are quite safe to leave things like bikes. It’s only if it’s within a short distance from where you can drive you find vandalism/thievery etc.

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