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Quiz of the day II

Day Out with my son Callum MM3ZUP. I lent him the SOTA bike and this is what he did to it.

Seven miles from the car. A 27 mile day. We got the hills and the activations done. And got back at the planned time.

How did we get out of this one?

73, Fraser

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Stuff grass into the tyre? Or make a tyre boot out of an FT818 leatherette carry case.

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That was plan Z. Thankfully plan A worked!
Don’t own an 818 or anything in leatherette.:wink:

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Can he ride a unicycle? Or you fabricated some sort of tandem with three wheels. :slight_smile:


That was considered. Probably wouldn’t have ended well!

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Ride it on the rim

Borrow another tube from a nearby cyclist

Patch the inner tube

20 wraps of duct tape

Move the good tyre to the rear and ride it as a unicycle

Hitch a ride with another cyclist.

Install a sky-hook

Teach Callum some cheeky new swear words for future use

… Elliott, K6EL


We did that as part of the fix.
Any 12 year old would have been able to wheelie the 7 miles back to the car. Callum is past his wheeling best at 26 years old!

and then attach front fork to the rear of your bike to make a “tandem”.


It was considered Rod!

Cable ties to hold the carcass of the tyre to the rim?

73, John M0VCM

We had one cable to with us John and I was used, but not for that.

Fit the spare wheel/ tyre.

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Hi Frasser
When you replace this tyre cut a piece off to carry for emergency repairs.


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Perhaps you called Jeeves and got him to repair the tyre while you were on summit.


Fill the tyre with a few turns of coax or other handy wire.

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We did hope that the Wood Elves would have it repaired for us on our return!

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There used to be a foam product you could squirt into a damaged tyre but I can’t see any product on sale to deal with more than a 2 mm cut in the tread. Builders foam would give you a quick fix that would be OK for a sedate ride for a few tens of km but would be a PITA to remove after. Of course the chances of having a can of builders cavity filling foam on a SOTA trip is only slightly higher than meeting a bunch of elves with a spare tyre and a willingness to do the work.

Yes, maybe you do carry a spare tyre on such trips. Many riders do. Can be folded up and isn’t heavy. That’s my last guess.



Hi Ron, Ive never carried a tyre. One of the bikes had 26" wheels and the other 29". We had a tube for each bike and a puncture repair kit. It’s always that difficult balance between weight and spares!

73, Fraser

Mmmm… Fit the spare tube, and use the old one as a bandage to re-enforce the new one where the tyre is torn. Cable tie to keep it all in place?


YES! We have a winner. You’re so close that you must have seen us!

I only had one large cable tie, so used it and then the medical tape from my first aid kit to finish it off. We put the good tyre on the back and the bodged one on the front to help keep some weight off it.

Moral of the story - Schwable “Racing Ralph” tyres aren’t up to the job. When I took the bikes off the Landie last night, I noticed the other one was about to go as well. Both tyres are less than a year old.

73, Fraser