Quick fun on I/LO-182

Quick SOTA activation as usual. Climbed on Monte Croce di Muggio, I/LO-182. Today the band conditions were poor: on 20m my signals almost skipped all Europe and no spots were made to the American continent. I had three QSOs on that band, Fabio IK2LEY🙏 was one of them, but soon switched to 40m.
There was a contest going on so no frequency was free… And my radio showed 2:1 swr… Fortunately i succeeded shortening the top section of my EFHW a little till everything was ok with 1:1 match and no swr at all. I decided to play hard and i started calling at 7.034.5 even if i have no cw filters installed and rtty stations with huuuge signals were just beside me. Pileup with strong rtty interferences. I managed to pick from the pile a DL station, a F4 could not be heard after a while (sorry mate), a SV a SP and then my friend IW2OGY (grande Luca) finally!
Then I wanted to switch to vhf and put the RH770 antenna on the BNC connector of my yaesu ft817nd. I made some cool QSOs (IK1WEG the first, IK5VLO/5 the farther) and then I packed everything up and went down the summit, aiming for a small restairant where i had “polenta taragna” with deer and mushrooms!
It was a funny morning and I’m so happy.
73 de IU2IJW.


Fantastic activation, I envy you, my sota stagion io not started yet, only a micro activation in FM in January
73 de in3aqk

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