Quick and Easy summits North Wales/Snowdonia?

Hi All,
Myself and Bob M1BBV are heading down to North Wales middle of the week to do Snowdon early morning of Thursday. We might take the hike over to GW/NW-008 Y Lliwedd as well whilst we are up the mountain…

We will be travelling down early on wednesday,from Yorkshire, and im wondering what summits we can hit that are close enough to roads to make them easy ‘drive by’ activations?

The obvious seems to be to take the detour and do Great Orme, only 1pt but parking close by!

Martin G7MRV

You might consider NW-022 Moel Eilio, a fifteen minute brisk walk from the high point on the road and six points!


Which road would that be? the A4085 at Salem looks to be closest but I dont see a path. That said, im currently using Google Earth not proper maps!

That could be a nice afternoon jaunt out of the campsite at Llanberris for the wednesday!

As Obi-wan might have said " Use the maps Luke…"

Cheers! Never even noticed that tab before!

You’ll see a minor road running west from Llanberis to Waunfawr, you can park at Bwlch y Groes at about 1200 feet and the footpath is obvious running up the ridge southwards to the summit - there is a luxurious shelter there. Actually its a smidgeon over a mile so a quarter hour is a bit optimistic, sorry!

Ah yes, seen it now. Looks from the GE sat imagery that the road is gated just after the start of the path? I’ll dig the grid ref out later when ive the OS maps laid out.

Should make for a nice afternoon if the weathers good

The last time I walked up to Moel Eilio from Bwlch y Groes it took me and Tom 1 hour and 19 minutes, with Jimmy a bit ahead of us. It’s 3 km from the parking spot.

I’d suggest GW/NW-040, Tal y Fan, which is an easy 4 points if you can stand the wiggly road driving in.


Martin, I guess you’ll be coming A19, A1(M), M62, M60, M62, M6, M56, M53, A55.

At that point take the A494 to Mold and Ruthin and then takes right close by Moel Gwy, Moel Fammau, Foel Fenli. Foel Fenli can be done in 25mins from the car park. You can then detour towards Llangollen for Cyrn-yBrain and Moel y Gamelin before picking up the A5 towards Snowdonia.

All those hills around Mold, Ruthin, Llangollen are trivial to actiavte with a handy on 2m.

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Moel Eilio in 15 minutes and Foel Fenlli in 25 minutes. Am I going to have to work on my fitness !

Can i suggest GW/NW-076, Mynydd y Cwm, just off the A55, Only 1 point, but this one is a short walk.
Ignore the references to a steel box like structure on the path, it has been removed.


It would take a bit longer today as it is very hot and muggy.

Think Brian is a wee bit confused with another hill (which I note he spotted later). That one is well over a hour, but a cracking hill from the old quarry car park at SH 551 598.

I’d second Simon G4TJC recommending Tal y Fan GW/NW-040. To reach the parking place at SH 731 714 I’d recommend ignoring your sat nav and only turning off onto the minor roads from the B5106 at SH 767 689 as the gated road up from Rowen is stupidly narrow.

Mynydd y Cwm GW/NW-076 is another good choice if you have less time. But the tree covered summit is tricky for antennas.

Great Orme would be bottom of my personal list - too busy by far and horrible pager breakthrough on 2M. But that may not bother you. If you park at the summit complex you can operate at the adjoining fence line, less than 20m away!

Andy’s suggestion of Foel Fenlli works too, but a bit more out of your way if you are travelling along the A55.

Yes the path straight up from the car park is the shortest route, only descended that way, in very slippery conditions.
Very steep and a good test of your lung capacity on ascent .
Prefer the more gentle approach along the Offa’s Dyke path and then cutting up to the top
Which will take longer.
Time to blow the dust of the exercise bike !


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Not forgetting GW/NW-054, Penycloddiau - I’m sure Neil will agree it’s a nice summit. It takes me about 25 minutes from the car park. Excellent views along the North Wales coast and up to the Lake District. No trees on the summit!

Ascending Foel Fenlli takes me about 18 minutes, but then I feel like keeling over!

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Followed by the period of delightful endorphin tripping. Why didn’t someone tell me exercise and physical effort could do this 40 years ago?

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Yes, I got my times a bit mixed up but I am surprised that you and Simon put it at well over an hour. At just over 2 km and about 300 metres of ascent it shouldn’t take that long, should it? I remember a party of us one Sunday (after a convivial Saturday night at the climbing hut near Bwlch y Groes, which used to be a signalling school IIRC) did the ridge from Bwlch y Groes to Moel Eilio, Foel Gron, Foel Groch to Moel Cynghorion and back in a short afternoon (with the need to pack before returning to Brum) but I was younger then! A cracking ridge walk, I must do it again for the two SOTA summits before I get too old!

I considered NW-040 Tal y Fan but it would be time consuming to get to it from the A55 whereas Moel Eilio is convenient to the fleshpots of the Llanberis Pass!

Hmmm, I’m doing that from memory. I’ll tell you properly after the next time I do it.

As you say though, lovely hill, however long it takes and a great choice for a shortish, but quite high, walk when based close by.

… and I don’t start from there. I park in the quarry CP about 600m west of the bwlch at SH 5509 5989. So a bit longer still.

I am sure unencumbered by radio gear and about 20 years younger I’d do it comfortably in under an hour… but not any more :slight_smile:
Seriously, a little over an hour is my recollection.

Thanks for the suggestions,

Moel Eilio appeals as we are staying in Llanberris, and should have plenty of time in the afternoon on wednesday - so long as the gradient isnt a problem for Bobs knee! (normally, we’d just crack on anyway, but we have the Lyke Wake Walk in around two weeks so cant risk any agravation to injuries!)

As for Great Orme, well, its easy to find and a quick and easy summit physically, and as Bob is driving (he refuses to let me drive long routes due to a rather embarrasing cure needed for my sciatica!!!) he will probably be ready for a quick break at that point. And it will get it off the list!

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