Question - oe/oo-266

hi there,

tomorrow i will do another sota-activation. this time i chose sota oe/oo-266.

as some of you maybe know we (oe5hce, oe5eep, oe5reo) are reviewing the oe5-summits. i noticed that the summit oe/oo-266 is not the highest point of the area … there is the TAMBERG which is almost 200m higher than the other one.

so tomorrow i am planning to operate from the (future) summit, but i’m not quite sure if i can do so using the reference oe/oo-266.

a map of the area is on

someone told me the actual peak of oe/oo-266 is in the forest whereas the higher peak is much more suitable for sota-operations (more space and better view).

so please give me your opinions about that issue.

In reply to OE5REO:
Hi Martin

Sorry but no, but you cannot operate from Tamberg summit using another existing reference as you would be well outside the activation zone for the current listed summit.

Of course you can operate from Tamberg but it would not qualify you (or chasers) for SOTA points. It would need to be added in to future summit lists. You should consult your Regional and/or Association Manager about this opportunity.

It is not uncommon for summit lists to miss out qualifying summits that can of course be added later and for existing listed summits to be deleted if they do not really qualify… as might happen in this instance.

Good luck with the activation.

73 Marc G0AZS
SOTA Summits Manager

In reply to G0AZS:

o.k. thanks marc for your information. so i will be qrv from the currently listed summit “schmeisserkogel oe/oo-266”.

but i will definitely visit the higher peak of TAMBERG (before or after the activation) to see if it is worth to change the summit-list.

best 73 and until tomorrow on sota oe/oo-266


In reply to OE5REO:
FB Martin. I look forward to your report on the activation and on visiting Tamberg too. Maybe you can post some photos of both so we can look forward to this “new” summit.

Good luck… Marc G0AZS

activation report now online at

vy73 de martin