Question about sunspots

I am trying to find out how long does it take for the propagation to change when sunspots appear on the surface of the sun. I wonder if anyone knows the answer? At a guese i would say hours or days but i really would like to know exactly. Sean

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Day to day propagation changes in response to events on the sun: flares, particularly major ones with coronal mass ejections (CMEs) cause instant fades, lasting minutes to hours, followed by more prolonged fades and disturbances when the particle streams reach the Earth about a day later. Similar effects occur when a solar prominence suddenly disrupts. Coronal holes eject a slower particle stream which takes a few days to arrive but causes longer-lasting disturbances of a few days. Long term propagation changes in step with a unit of measurement called the Solar Flux rather than the day to day variations in sunspots and activity but is tied to the overall activity.

I hope that brief precis of a complex subject helps!


Brian G8ADD

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Thanks Brian thats answered that! More knowledge used in the right way and more success on the summits. Sean