Question about historical trend of SOTA growth

At the moment I am preparing a short presentation about SOTA for some interested colleagues at work. Most of them are amateur radio operators for many years, but up to now only one is participating in the SOTA program.
During collecting some information for this presentation I came up with the idea that it would be interesting to show the increase of the number of participators and/or activations over the last couple of years.
I’m aware of the current SOTA statistics presented on the corresponding SOTA-database site, but is there also some information about the historical trend available?

Stephan, DM1LE

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Hi Stephan,

To get some of the information regarding activator/chaser growth go to the Database, View Results, Activator/Chaser Roll of Honour. Next select All Associations in the filter drop down box, select the year in the Date drop down box and finally click Show. These will show the number of activators/chasers for each year.

Hope this helps

73 Neil 2M0NCM

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Thanks Neil for your help.

By this method I’ve extracted the number of active activators per year. This number does of course not match with the total number of registered users over the years, but nevertheless gives a nice representation of the continuous growth of the number of SOTA participants.
In addition I summed up the activations, logged for each activator, and got the total number of activations per year.

Interesting, while the number of active activators increased continuously, with a large leap between 2010 and 2011, the number of activations per year stagnated between the years 2008 and 2009.
The overall “efficiency” of the activators, i.e. the average number of activations per activator and year remained nearly constant around 13.5 activiations.

Here is the raw data from todays database:

Year | Activators | Activations | “Efficiency”

2002 | 33 | 389 | 11.79
2003 | 94 | 1376 | 14.64
2004 | 216 | 3003 | 13.90
2005 | 282 | 4343 | 15.40
2006 | 350 | 5475 | 15.64
2007 | 493 | 8481 | 17.20
2008 | 629 | 10407 | 16.55
2009 | 706 | 9788 | 13.86
2010 | 850 | 11557 | 13.60
2011 | 1270 | 17202 | 13.54
2012 | 1376 | 18343 | 13.33

73 Stephan, DM1LE

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Hallo Stephan!
Eine interessante Statistik. Die Aktiviere, die es lassen, bleiben ja als Aktivierer im SOTA. Es wird also die Aktivierung pro Aktivierer abnehmen, denke ich. Auch wenn neue Aktivierer zunächst “wie wild” auf die Berge gehen. Schau amal bei GMA hinein, der Mario hat ganz viele tolle Auswertungen sich einfallen lassen, er muß ein irr guter Programmierer sein. Wenn ich es zusammenbringe, schicke ich Dir eine davon Seite per eMail.


pS: OE7AAI unser OVV hat eine Powerpoint Prädentation gemacht, auch für Anfänger. Er ist unter ÖVSV Tirol zu erreichen.