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Question about bands

When I activate a summit, I often use multiple bands; vhf/uhf to get local chasers and a hf band to get distant chasers. But, what about a chaser that hears me on 2 meters and then on 30 meters? Can they get points for each band I’m on? Or, once they get me, that’s it and no more points for them? And, likewise, if I get them on 2 meters FM and then 30 meters CW, do I count that as two contacts or just one? What about 2 meters FM and then again 6 meters SSB even though both are voice? Thanks.

The chasers can only claim points for one QSO with a given summit on any one day (Rule 3.8.3)

“In order for the activation to qualify for the points attributed to that summit, a minimum of four QSOs must be made, each of which must be with a different station.” (Rule So for the purpose of achieving a score, more than one contact with a given station on various bands or modes will only count as one contact.

Its all in the rules! http://www.sota.org.uk/Joining-In/General-Rules

Hi Lyle

Points are only awarded for one contact with the remote station, however many different bands or modes are used.
Some chasers may like to work you on different bands or modes for their own reasons - just because they can, or because they like to “tick off” summits on different bands or modes etc. But they will only get the points once.
Same for you as activator…


Thanks! That helps clear things up. I have heard some local guys come back again on 30 meters CW and was confused by this. I was wondering if they get extra points for something. But, normally, I’ll get 10 or so contacts so it all evens out in the end and at least four unique stations. :slight_smile: Thanks again for your clarification.

You should also note that if you work a station twice that is mobile or portable it will only be counted once even if it has moved significantly in position between the QSOs.

[quote=“AF7OS, post:1, topic:15685”]on 2 meters and then on 30 meters[/quote]Folk may just be ticking off the bands and modes, but there are a few awards specifically for U/VHF and microwave contacts, and folk could be after endorsed versions of the standard awards, too…

I like to “qualify” a summit on as many bands and modes as possible. But it is only for personal interest. It provides a measure of conditions, activity and station flexibility. It is sometimes difficult if the only people you can work are locals and once they have worked you they don’t bother moving to other bands, however people you know will usually cooperate with such projects. I think I worked Matt VK1MA on 6 or 7 bands on one activation.

73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH

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