Query for OK ststions

The Scarborough Special Events Group have used Elli-Print in
Dveu Kralve nad Labem (phone +420 603 548 546) to print
their GB and SOTA QSL cards for the past 10 years.

We received a batch of 1000 QSL’s at the beginning of August
but have lost all contact with the firm.

e-mails and phone calls go unanswered, so we have been unable
to pay for the cards.

Does anyone know if they are still in business??

Many thanks

Hi Roy,

I haven’t heard anything about them going out of business. Maybe they are busy with preparing for the annual Holice hamfest this weekend, try to contact them again next week.

73 Marek OK1HAG

In reply to OK1HAG:

Many thanks Marek.Will do that.

73 Roy

In reply to G4SSH:
I have just came home from Holice Hamfest. Elli Print was there going strong as usual.
I will copy and paste this thread to them.
73 Ruda OK2QA

In reply to OK2QA:

Many thanks Ruda and all the other OK Hams who have e-mailed me.

Kamil OK2HBY told me -

"I am back home from hamfest in Holice.

I visited Elli Print kiosk and talked about your problem with Beda OK1FXX, representative of the firm. He said that they know you for a long time and told me the problem should be solved quickly. He explained me that he wasn’t present in his office for about three weeks. So I am persuaded that everything will be ok. So that’s the story".

It appears that the firm is on a 3 week summer holiday.

Thanks to all for your assistance. I will wait for Beda to contact me.