QUE: Mountain Hunter Award (all bands) Status = Global

Hi goats, sloths and folks! I recently checked my awards section and found that my status had changed from “amethyst” to “global”. When referring to the SOTA-awards page under Mountain Explorer & Mountain Hunter | SOTA Awards I do not see the status “global” listed. What does “global” mean in terms of the awards programme? Any hints? vy73/55, Tom


As I see it, you have reached the highest level for chaser.
You have chased all continents and at least 50 associations.

I would be interested to know if there is a Mountain Explorer Globetrotter.

And it would be nice to have something like this for S2S and completes…

73 Armin

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Tnx, Armin for clarifying… unfortunately I did not find the table you provided myself… sorry :frowning: Cu on the bands and thanks for supporting the SOTA-programme and serving chasers :slight_smile: vy73/55, Tom

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Hi Armin,

Yes there is a Mountain Explorer Award Status = Globetrotter (5 continents).


The location of the Award details is:


I must have expressed myself wrongly… My question was whether anyone has already achieved this goal.

73 Armin

Two: DF3MC and MM0YCJ

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cough :wave:

(There’ll be one or two more that haven’t claimed awards from Barry)


PB2T reached Globetrotter level on 15 April, 2015.
VK3ARR reached Globetrotter level on 23 September, 2016
DF3MC reached Globetrotter level on 9 April 2019
MM0YCJ reached Globetrotter level on 4 December 2021


Wow…that´s amazing… I wish I would have more time for SOTA now and will still be able to do SOTA when I am retired in a couple of years time… :grinning: