Quatar-OSCAR 100 satellite qrv?

My friend Torsten is on business at the Antarctic Station Neumayer. We want to get in touch via QO100 later this week.
That’s why I want to test my rig at a summit this afternoon. If someone could spontaneously chase me, I would be happy.
73 Chris


I can chase you!
Tell me time and qrg.
73 Karl

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Tnx Karl. Because of the forecast rain I will only have a Pota activation. The time is planned from 1230 loc. Qrv above the PSK beacon.
I hope everything works out, I haven’t used the station for 3 years.
73 Chris


10.489.785 qrv


Karl, du hast eine Nachricht im Reflektor 73 Chris

Leider konnte ich dich im pileup nicht mehr sinnvoll weitergeben, Karl.



Congratulations! Very interesting to see what can be done with a small dish.

Can you please give a bit more detail of your equipment? Specifically, the pre-amp and power amp?


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Tnx John. It was a few years ago when I build this and the units are no longer available today.

I use the 20W 2.4Ghz from SG-lab as a power amplifier. The current version now only requires 40mW input power. That make it easier. The Pluto with approx.1mW out can be amplified by a preamp with approx. 20db. I guess, you find a recent preamp from China. This cheap units may work out of the box or require a improvement like in my case.
It’s very helpful to have a spectrum analyser and power attenuator for 2.4Ghz. But you can also use the Pluto and analyser software.

73 Chris

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