quarter goat

Earned quarter goat today. Didn’t take as long as deciGoat. (Cuyamaca for deciGoat)

Not to be confused with quarter horses, but I do have to wonder how the quarter goat does in the short sprint?

Quite a nice day out. It’s the green season, not the brown season, so quite a nice view in San Marcos from P-Mountain. (Giant P on the side overlooking Palomar College.) Nice view of the snow on the Jacinto ridge that has lured snow starved SoCal SOTA snowshoers and skiers up recently. Lazy late afternoon activation meant plenty of JA S2S during the JA SOTA QSO Party. (Tnx DX!)

I like these mini-milestones. What’s the next one?



Congratulations, Drew!
And thanks for the S2S.
72, David N6AN