QTH locator and nearby village info

Dear people that are involved in the site building,

I like the site alredy very much but,

I will be very glad if the summit info of all countries included the QTH locator, I see this info is in all ? ARM’s already.

Also it is practical if all ARM’s of the associations give info for a nearby village, county, provincie or something like that.

But anyway, thanks for the good work.

73 de Hans PA3FYG

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Hi Hans

Each summit page has a link to Google maps which shows both the summit location and the nearest town/village:

e.g. http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=HA/KM-003

It is quite easy to convert the co-ordinates into Locators if you need to. If you need more details on a summit the region managers are a good point of contact.

With regard to having complete lists of all additional information - remember that everyone involved in running SOTA is a volunteer! That is why the summits pages ( Hiking in the mountains: tips for beginner hikers - Mountain Day ) allow individuals to add their own information for everyone to share. There are nearly 2,000 entries.



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Dear Richard!

Have a look at this:
Unfortunately it is in Hungarian, but maybe you can enjoy it…
Select “Csúcslista” (list of summits) at the left edge of the screen than click on the region you want to display. Here you get a table displaying all the necessart summit info.
If you click on the leftmost column (“Azonosító + túristatérkép”) you get the tourist map of the summit.
If the text in the second column is printed in blue, than clicking on it you get a photo of the summit taken from a remote location.
After the exact geographical latitude and longitude coordinates you get the 8 character QTH locator of the summit.
If you click on the column “Pont + info”, you get the info on the tourist path to reach it, list of closest summit. Clicking on the upper left corner on “Túristatérkép: katt ide” you get the tourist map of the summit, and you get the list of activation reports referring to the summit.
Please see the one but last column (“Kilátás” = panorama). If there is any data, clicking on it you can see photos taken from the summit.
The last column displays the HA-FF reference of the summit, supposing that it is within a HA Flora & Fauna region.
On the bottom of the page you can also get info about bus time-table! :-))))

I hope, you like the information it provides! :slight_smile:

73: Joska, HA5CW

The locators ARE shown - on the SOTAwatch pages for each summit.

For example:

All the information is already there, is it not?


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Not on here :-


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As Mario points out, it’s not something that should have to be done manually - it’s an easy conversion from the lat/long data.

Here’s some code that’ll do the conversion from Lat / Long (as decimal numbers) to a six-figure Maidenhead locator. It assumes positive for North and East, and negative for South and West. It’s written in C#, but should be pretty trivial to translate into PHP I’d imagine…

    public static string MaidenheadFromLatLong(double latitude, double longitude)
        // Correct for false easting / northing
        latitude = latitude + 90;
        longitude = longitude + 180;

        // Get field digits - each digit = 10 degrees lat, 20 degrees long
        int fieldLat = (int)Math.Floor(latitude / 10);
        int fieldLong = (int)Math.Floor(longitude / 20);

        // Get the square digits - each one = 1 degrees lat, 2 degrees long
        int squareLat = (int)Math.Floor(latitude) % 10;
        int squareLong = (int)Math.Floor(longitude / 2) % 10;

        // Get the subsquare digits - each one = 2.5 minutes of lat, 5 minutes of long
        int subLat = (int)Math.Floor((latitude - Math.Floor(latitude)) * 24);
        int subLong = (int)Math.Floor((longitude /2 - Math.Floor(longitude /2)) * 24);

        return string.Format("{0}{1}{2}{3}{4}{5}", (char)('A' + fieldLong), (char)('A' + fieldLat), squareLong, squareLat, (char)('a' + subLong), (char)('a' + subLat));

73, Rob

In reply to all:

Thats what I think, it is shown in the UK summits, must be easy to show it in all other ones.
I know I can calculate it and it is also in the ARM, but if it is easy to see it direct, why not?
I understand that it is all done by voluntiers , and they do a good job.

Hope to hear you all from a summit,

73 de Hans PA3FYG

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The last update I provided as GM-AM is for SS-284 and that doesn’t show the Maidenhead locator or the lat/long. The info I provided was just the height, NGR and score. I’ll check with Tom and Jon and see about getting that missing info updated but at present I don’t where it goes on the update spreadsheets.


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Hallo Joska,

Nice site,

I see map with locator and coordinates, very nice.
I am using wrong locator for the home QTH I see, for HF no problem, I am just on border JO22SI/SH.

73 de Hans