QSY - Best way to indicate band change in CW?

Dear all:
What is the best (most effective, fastest) way to indicate a band change? When on the summit, shall I indicate the exact frequency or hope people guess that from my alert?

Something like this?

NW QSY 10118
NW QSY 10.118

Are relative frequency indicates ok in the case of QRM, or will they be misunderstood as split mode? Like in


mni tnx!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

I would suggest your aim is not “fastest” but rather the clearest way to show what you are intending to do. I would favour NW QSY 20M CW as being concise and clear. Stating a specific frequency is longer and prone to problems if you QSY and find the frequency is in use.

Regarding QSYing in-band “QRM QSY UP 2” is clear to me.

I’d use ‘NW QSY 30M’ and then rely on RBNhole for the exact spot

73, Colin G8TMV

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From time to time I use eg. “nw 30m” to announce my plan.
The usual SOTA-QRG are known and otherwise RBN will find me.

Furthermore my habit is: 20m -> 30m -> 60m -> 40m in order to thin out the 40m pile-up :slight_smile:

73 de Dominik, HB9CZF

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Thanks, that helps!

For my planned activation of three 10 pointers in the Silvretta next week, I will likely start with 40m though, because I will have very limited time on the summit (30 minutes max) due to fellow climbers waiting for me. It is clear that such will leave some potential chasers unhappy, but I have no choice (other than leaving the radio equipment at home).