QST article Oct 2018

October 2018 QST (already readable by subscribers online) has a 3 page article by Paul HB9DST/AA1MI about the “SOTA road trip of a lifetime through eastern Europe” with Juerg HB9BIN in September and October 2017. Great article, some sobering warnings about summits with land mines and recording some excellent help received from other SOTA activators along the way. Congratulations on getting this article published in QST, Paul.

Elsewhere in this edition I noted some advertisements now including SOTA operations in their list of applications for antennas etc.

SOTA receives ever increasing recognition as one of the most exciting and rewarding operating programs available in ham radio.


By now many of you have seen this article in the October 2018 issue of QST. But for those who do not have a subscription to QST, I got permission from the editorial staff (Maty Weinberg, KB1EIB, Production Coordinator) to post the article on the SOTA reflector. Well, the reflector won’t accept a PDF, so here’s a Dropbox link to the PDF: Link to QST article

This article should be especially interesting for those people whose photo appeared in the story. For those whose image did not appear, I apologize. It was a very difficult decision deciding whose photo should make the cut – so I took the coward’s way out and actually didn’t make the decision. The story I submitted to the editors was twice as long with many photos, including a photograph of every person I met during the trip. I knew the editors would trim the story, both text and images, so I let them decide which photos were most deserving of being included.

And finally, once again I would like to extend grateful thanks from myself and Juerg HB9BIN to all those hams who helped us in the preparation of this trip and in some cases even managed to do some joint activations with us. You people were all just fantastic. What a great community we have here!



Great news Paul, it was a real pleasure to read about all your trip. And I am proud that I was part of this adventure. I had a lot of fun during those two days, it was just perfect. Be sure that you or any other SOTA activator are welcomed anytime here in YO and I am ready to join you guys on your trip.
73 de YO2MSB Bizzu


Hello Paul, thanks a lot for giving me a chance to meet You and Juerg and spend some activation time together.
Hope to repeat it in the future !
73, Jarek SP9MA

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