QSO World Map LoTW + Log Analyzer less than 3min

Create a QSO World Map with LoTW and Log Analyzer.

Step 1: Export an ADI file from LOTW (Logbook Of The World)

  • Navigate to the LOTW website: https://lotw.arrl.org/lotwuser/default
  • Log in
  • From the top, Select Your QSOs
  • From the left select Download Report
  • Enter a start date, I’ll put 2023-01-01
  • Put a check in “Include QSL details” and “Include QSO station details”
  • Select your Call Sign from the drop down
  • Click Download report.

Step 2: Import ADI file to Log Analyzer and create World QSO Map

  • Navigate to the Log Analyzer site: phpQW Tool Log Analysis
  • Click Choose
  • Navigate to and select your downloaded ADI file
  • Enter MyCall
  • Enter MyLocator
  • Click OK