QSO difference between LOG4OM and the SOTA database

Hello all,

maybe someone can help me with this … I recently noticed that there is a difference of QSO’s between my LOG4OM log and the QSO’s uploaded to the SOTA database.

Screenshot 2022-11-13 123256

So it seems that in the last 14 years I forgot to upload one or maybe two activations. Is there an easy way to scan two logs for differences. I found this tool on clublog, but it is only possible to compare two ADIF-files:


When I download my logfile from the SOTA database I get a CSV-file. I tried to convert that file to ADIF with different tools but somehow I was not able to convert it into a working ADIF-file.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help …

73 Martin, OE5REO


Hi Martin,

Maybe export all QSO in Log4OM to SOTA csv and then use a text compare tool like Winmerge.

If that does not work I can code something in Python to run a comparison or convert the files.

73 Joe


BTW: I tried to use the SOTA2ADIF converter from @ON6ZQ but it tells me to submit a shorter file …

@OE5JFE thanks for your answer … i will try that!

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Or make it in small portions.
The QSO section of adif can be joined one file after the other.
Maybe this helps.


… 13 chaser QSOs to get Completes?

73 gl, DIZ

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I managed to “synchronize” my LOG4OM log with the SOTA database … thanks for your help.

73 Martin, OE5REO