QSLing via Buro - catching up

There’s not much happening for me Chaser wise today, so it’s a good time to catch up on replying to the Bureau QSLs that have arrived from the RSGB over recent months. I have a pile around 25mm high to clear.

I wrote on my QRZ page that I will be stopping receiving and returning cards through the bureau at the end of 2021, after sending and receiving many thousands since 1982. Over 1000 of them received since 2002 have come from SOTA Chasers and Activators.

Just to repeat what I said a while ago on the reflector. I will stop replying to bureau QSL cards at the end of this year - a year later than my original intention. Also if you have sent me a QSL card among this latest batch and it is on the same band and mode that my records show has already been received from you and replied to, then I won’t be sending another QSL card.

My logs are now all uploaded to Logbook of the World, all 33 of them.

Thank you and 73

Phil G4OBK


I feel your pain, Phil! I just received a packet from the bureau last week and there were a few SOTA cards among them. I don’t get many DX SOTA QSOs. But the repeat cards are really a waste for the sender and for me. I do not answer those, either. I have about 2 kilos of cards filled out and ready to go to the outbound bureau, not counting the ones I haven’t yet answered. I’m dreading boxing and shipping them out.
John, K6YK