Received this qsl on E/QSL this morning

Rather chuffed with that

Thanks again IU1AUC


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OHH more E qsl,s from sotas :slight_smile:

thanks again folks



Great stuff Karl. There are some very nice SOTA QSL card designs out there. I keep a gallery of those I have received.

Go to http://tomread.co.uk and click on ‘QSL cards’ on the left.

Here’s where I keep my QSL collection:


thanks for that having a mosey :smile:



All paper QSL cards I had received over the years were sent and I still keep sending them to the same place Andy showed on his post, but electronic QSLs, since they don’t take up physical space, just some bytes on a hard drive, they all still survive.
Let me show you this nice one I’ve just got from Iñaki’s last weekend activation:

Thank you, Iñaki @EB2GKK
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF


OOOH couple more arrived today regarding Sotas

But the first one puts a face to the lovely voice we often hear from the Swiss Mountains and a pleasure working you on air.

And the second a another breath taking view from the location of this sota

Peoples thank you again for said QSL’s


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Andy here’s my QSL for you.


Dear Andy, I hope it´s a recycling bin and we can save some trees…
Of course I am agree and you are totally free to make this choice, especially if the sender is previously advised of your “re-action”.
I usually send electronic QSLs after checking user´s data and wishes at qrz.com… although we know that is not necessary here in SOTA.
I started as a way of thanking the contact made from the summit also I found it usefull as a visiting card to make known the summit.
Behind every action there are personal time and dedication sometimes we forget it.
Best regards and Happy Christmas, Inaki

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Inaki, that’s my office wastebin. All our office waste gets sorted for recycling. We sort out food waste, plastics, cardboard, paper & electronic waste. Things like laptops, servers and other computers are given to charities after the disks get thoroughly erased. Non-recycled waste carries a high cost of disposal so sorting it out works out cheaper.

I make a big fuss that I don’t QSL so that people who enjoy QSLing don’t waste their time and resources on me. That seems only fair. It would be very bad form to suggest you are keen to QSL and then to not QSL but to keep the greenstamps!

Dear Andy, I am glad to know your thoughts and actions are “green”.
I insist on invite you to use this way of sending electronic QSL cards, we do not need send back any contribution so stamps are painted with different color, no green.
Best regards from my city which was awarded European green capital in 2012.

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And another arrived today
even Eva beat one to it tonight after today,s contact on HB/AR-011

karl :slight_smile:

Hi Karl,
After reading about your excitement with the eQSLs received and after seeing many other activators doing eQSLs for their SOTA activations, I havegot boosted and just created a new account, just one to confirm all my SOTA activations from February 24th onwards.
The eQSL displays a picture of our EA2/NV area 10 pointer Ori Peak, which is the very first over-2000m-a.s.l.-summit in the Western Pyrenees as one comes from the Atlantic Ocean.
I hope you’ll like it.

What I won’t do is creating separate accounts for each and every single activation I do, because that’s far too much work and I prefer having fun with hiking mountains and playing radio rather than so much administrative work :wink:
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

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many thanks for the three Eqsl in box this morning :slight_smile: