QSL LoTW but not via bureau

And off we go down the jolly Wheelie-bin road…

All done by the colour of the lid here;

Brown - Bio - Garden rubbish
Blue - paper & cardboard
Yellow - packaging materials (incluuding tins and plastic bottles that don’t have any deposit on them) plus general (clean) plastic packaging.
Grey (ie same colour as bin body) - other household waste including food waste.

Glass bottles with no deposit (i.e. not Beer bottles) - take them yourself to the council recycling bins and separate by clear/white, green and brown coloured glass.

I’d hate to be colour-blind in Bavaria!

73 Ed.

You said paper QSL’s !!

Look at my olds calls (down) and you can imagine how many QSL I had to stoke at home :sweat_smile: each time I had to start DXCC !

After 1994 when I return from Mauritania I decided to recycle my 3 large metal canteens full of paper QSL !

First I’ve to thanks my QSL managers who worked a lot, 2nd I will never forget in my thoughts the countries that I have been able to visit with my work and especially all those hours when I contacted the world during my free time !
Now I continue to use LoTW and eQSL + trying to respond all Rxed QSL (via Buro or direct).

1978 -79 > J28BR
1979 > F0FGI (F0 was for foreign station in France 6 months max)
1982 - 84 > FK8KAA/P - FK1SQ - FK0AQ
1984 > FD1JKK
1985 > TT8AQ
1986 > TT8AQ
1987 - 89 > FO0AQ
1990 > FE1JKK/FY
1991 > TL8MB (2nd Op)
1992 > TA5ZA
1993 > XU5DX
1994 - 95 > 5T5JC - 5T6E - 5T0REF
1996 > TL8EJ
1998 > TT8JE
2001 > TT8JE
2003 > TO4WW - TO4E (Operator)
2004 - 2007 > FM5JC

I think you QSO me in path for sure and was also my pleasure !

73 Éric F5JKK


Now Eric - that is a very revealing list of callsigns. I was not aware of your experience in handling such incredible pile up situations as the operator of these calls. This explains your skill, as mentioned by MM0FMF.

We had many QSOs before we found each other through SOTA. Some of these QSOs reflect the excellent DX Condx we have experienced in previous sunspot cycles - see these 4 pics; Our best and most favourite QSO for me was on the 10m band when you were on Juan de Nova as TO4WW in 2003. A very enlightening email from you, as I never knew you were the man behind all this auspicous DX activity!

73 de Phil


Phil :+1:
TO4WW es TO4E was Europa Island not Juan de Nova :wink:
For sure the RTTY QSO was with me :yum:

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Holy Guacamole Batman! What a DX background Éric!


FB Eric - same difference for DXCC to me, FT/J Juan de Nova & Europa TO4WW. I am ignorant of the geography in that part of the Indian Ocean, although I did work in the Maldives in the 1970s for 8 months. Thank you for the correction. I looked out the QSL card (4 sider) and scanned it in especially… top man F5JKK pictured bottom right corner - solo photo with boom-mic headset on head…
73 Phil

PS Can you pop over to Crozet FT/W - the one I need in the Reunion Group on CW. I have it on SSB only!


That’s absolutely impressive, Éric. I had never looked you up on QRZ.com before and I wasn’t aware of you being such a globetrotter with all those DX paradises in your bag.
Must have been a great, great experience, both from the ham radio and the human point of views.



I don t use eqsl, lotw, nothing electronic. Just paper qsl-s. I see, we are all different

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Scan them, they won’t take up much space on a disk!