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QRZ.COM page - Primary only for:

Jan PC5P drew my attention to a curiosum of QRZ.COM.
Searching for e.g. nonsense/your call or your call/nonsense or nonsense/your call/nonsense returns no error message but your QRZ.COM page, supplemented with the note: Primary only for: “your queries as mentioned above”.

I’m wondering if that is commonly known/already reported?

I’m not a big user of QRZ but it’s probably just something that could be better expressed for “we don’t have DM/HB9BCB but we do have HB9BCB”.

Anyway, nice pictures.

Well, things like that may look nice but I’m sure you wouldn’t allow that at SOTA, hi.

Primary only for: MM0FMF/HB9BCB/MM0FMF

QRZ.com seems to be down this morning. I am using hamcall.net instead.

73 de G3NYY