QRV in 10min - DL/MF-044 3.June

Hello chasers,

want to apologize for my late operation start for that activation.

After arriving on the top of DL/MF-044 I have posted ‘qrv in 10min on 14.062’.

However, then I recognized that the lowest element of my vertical (good old Diamond C-Whip) was still at home !

Fortunately I had 20m of thin wire with me, was planned for some lowband experiments as we wanted to stay longer on that summit. In addition to the 3 x 5m usual radials.

So it took a few minutes longer to connect additional 5 m wire to the TRX (IC706) output, throwing it over some bushes and to adjust the wire length for best SWR.

As usual (TNX!!), Roy G4SSH answered immediately after my ‘qrl?’ - question on the frequency.

Had to apply same procedure for the other bands 10.1 , 3.5 and at the end 7 MHz. Tried 3.577MHz but could not hear anybody. 80m sounds crazy at noon-time, but I heard the beacon from Italy with S7. Maybe next time I start on 80m, moving the initial regional pile-up there :wink:

Finally 58 CW-QSOs. Thanks to all chasers.

73 andy DL2DVE