QRV from the Danish sumits

To day I travled to Denmark for going on the Danish Summits.
Well bad wx with rain so only short time qrv. 35min.
OZ/OZ-007 has greate access From Parking lot to summit (?) It is some 650m walk and abt 82m hight diference. So a greate summit for the QRO OPs.
This time I have my KX1 for 3.5, 7, 10 and 14MHz
As Backup rig Rockmite with dipole and 9V PP battery. This give some 100mW.
As Backup 2 I also have my DSWII 14MHz .

Nise to QSO Aage LA1ENA/P on LA/TM-018.
Listning on 70.450 FM also.
More sumits the days to come . Going Home 4/4
No plan to activate OZ/OZ-002 to far away.

For a Norwegian this is not realy mountains. My father thauth I was joking when I told him that I go to OZ country for going up to mountains.

Well I find it nice that OZ also is active on Sota. Denmark is after all a wonderful country. I have aborted a sumit in Norway since I did not feel safe in climbing slipery rockside. In Denmark all sumits are belived to be safe. First OZ summit activated. | OZ/LA1KHA/P QRV from OZ/OZ-007.… | Flickr

Hpe cu all sn agn .
73 from the Dannish Apls.

In reply to LA1KHA:
Det er faktisk flot at have Danmark i SOTA. Jeg haaber at lave denne danske højdepunkte i fremtiden. 73 David

Tanks dr om-
To all logg in writing now. Photos soon on flicr.

Hi folks
I hope to be QRV from OZ/OZ-001 later this week on 20m and 40m phone. We fly out to København tomorrow evening and are around the Danish Lake District on Tuesday and Wednesday on Jylland.
I’ll self spot and maybe phone Don G0RQL if things are quiet. I also aim to activate Frøjberg Bavnehøj OZ/OZ-007 when we’re on Fyn at some point. A repeat of Kullaberg across in Skåne is possible too. Our 20th wedding anniversary and Ann-Charlotte’s parents golden wedding are being celebrated in Skåne next weekend.
I’ll try to update plans as they become clearer.
David M0YDH

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Hi all. I made 5 contacts on 20m ssb from Yding Skovhøj OZ/OZ-001 on 29th July. Denmark’s highest point is actually on top of a grave. It’s an ancient burial mound which is quite overgrown. It’s near Yding and it’s a high wood so the name is accurate. I activated from within the wood near the trees. I could have set up at the picnic place beside the car park because this is in the AZ. This would have much more charming because of the view and sunlight plus watching the cyclists honking up a rare steep Danish road to reach the summit.

Yesterday 30th July I activated Frobjerg Bavnehøj OZ/OZ-007 which is a charming little hill, the highest point on the island of Fyn and a super picnic spot with panorama. We broke our drive across Denmark on the motorway and popped into the bakery in Vlissenbjerg before driving up to the parking place for the Bavnehøj open air theatre. It took 7 minutes to climb to the top where there is a flagpole, a good picnic bench and the entrance to a large animal burrow which my feet found twice. Just enough room for a 40 m dipole. On air on 20m ssb I had an S2S into France plus 2 other calls. Then matters became harder as the frequency was stolen by deaf people. I self spotted a new frequency and called. And called. Then those magic sounds of G0RQL popped up and Don secured the 4th contact. He found me the day before on the Skovhøj too and each occasion that I cross the sea. No further callers so pleading looks from Ann-Charlotte were correctly interpreted as ‘please pack up’. Thanks to Don and all callers for making the activations a success.
We are now in Sweden as noted above. I would like to revisit Kullaberg if at all possible for a spot of Sota and sightseeing.
David M0YDH

Good grief, that’s some animal if it can dig a burrow accomodating a 40 mtr dipole! Glad I didn’t see it when I was in Denmark. Hope all goes well on other summits. Will try to look for you.
Les g0nmd

The obvious blooper is that I gave out the wrong summit reference for Frøbjerg Bavnehøj. It is OZ OZ-009. Sorry. I called it by its name too and said I was on Fyn. I will email my callers whenever Peter ever stops playing Mine craft. We’re just home.
David M0YDH